Carly S. Lovas

MA in climate & society

bsc in marine biology

ocean, climate,


With 3.3 billion people reliant on fisheries, humanity’s relationship with the sea has shaped our history, our successes and failures, and will shape our future. Under shifting climatic conditions, fisheries are expected to change, testing our abilities to adapt to these changes. Understanding shifts in fisheries, exploring new and creative management possibilities, and assessing how these changes will impact those most reliant on the industry are imperative to ensuring the future of sustainable fisheries. I intend to utilize projected changes in fisheries to assist relevant stakeholders in assessing risk, anticipating socio-economic impacts, and making informed decisions regarding their livelihoods.

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The Library of Columbia University
Randolph Hall, College of Charleston

columbia university

college of charleston

MA in Climate & Society


BSc in Marine Biology


Expertise & Experience

Marine Ecology, Evolutionary Biology & Climatology;

Strategic Climate Communications


Quantitative Research Associate

Integrated Systems Ecology - Climate Change and North Atlantic Fisheries

Statistical and Geospatial Analyses in R

Gulf of Maine Research Institute



Graduate Research Assistant

Climate Change and Fisheries

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


Research Technician - Contract Hire

Aquatic Ecology, Natural Resource Management

National Park Service


Undergraduate Research Assistant

Evolutionary Ecology and Functional Biology of Marine Invertebrates

Grice Marine Laboratory



  • Climate change impacts in the Arctic and North Atlantic ocean
    • How are physical changes in the Arctic driving ecosystem changes locally and globally?
  • Integrated systems ecology and quantitative ecology
    • Implementing quantitative models to understand species distribution shifts for commercial fisheries
  • Coastal adaptation and resilience
    • How can fishing communities brace for and adapt to changes in available resources?
  • Intersectional climate justice in coastal and fishing communities
    • Supporting women and BIPOC fishers and scientists

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